Port of Igoumenitsa

Harbour Information, Terminals and Facilities
(Igoumenitsa, Thesprotia, Greece)

The town of Igoumenitsa is home to numerous banks, hotels, bureaux de change and shops which are all within walking distance of the port. The port is home to public telephones, clean and comfortable waiting areas, vending machines and toilets.

The port is equipped to accommodate disabled passengers but it is recommended that passengers inform the ferry company of any special needs when the booking is made.

The port of Igoumenitsa handles several ferry companies, sailing to several Greek and Italian destinations and throughout the week.

Ferry Services

There are seven ferry companies managing routes from the busy port of Igoumenitsa.

These include: Ventouris Ferries, SuperFast Ferries, ANEK Lines, Minoan Lines, Agoudimos Ferries, Fragline Ferries and Maritime Way Ferries (commonly referred to as MyWay). Most of the ferries have stops prior to reaching their main destination.

Contact Port of Igoumenitsa:
Address: Regional Office 46100 Igoumenitsa, Thesprotia, Greece, GR
Tel: +30 26650 99300
Fax: +30 26650 99330
Email: olig@olig.gr
Igoumenitsa Port

Igoumenitsa Port

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